Andrew McGuinness

Andrew's first novel was published in February 2009.


When a publishing house is razed to the ground and a man dies in the blaze, no one suspects charming young bookseller, Ben Tippet; but beneath his charismatic facade lurks a compulsive liar with an undiagnosed personality disorder.

Exposed by his desperation to rise above ordinariness, betrayed by his novelist lover, and about to stand trial for manslaughter, Ben starts writing his anarchic, darkly  humorous autobiography, telling us tales of a dysfunctional family, love, secrets and deception.  Scratch the surface of his self-portrait and an even darker canvas shines through; the landscape of a celebrity obsessed world hooked on sex and fame. Is Ben a criminal or the wannabe victim of a society we've all created? 

A who’s who of cultural icons, from Kafka to King Kong, Chaucer to Chekhov, Marlowe to Mailer, Brando to Bowie, Proust to Presley, and the Wizard of Oz to the White Cliffs of Dover - A Portrait of the Arsonist as a Young Man is a contemporary portrait of  identity crisis and personality disorder;  a story of secrets, lies, love and a modern  obsession with fame and fortune.

 "Witty and intriguing"   Scott Pack, The Friday Project

"Fluid and stylish, highlyy readable and enjoyable. A sustained achievement"  Will Mackie, Flambard Press

"A distinctive voice..lyrical...a very enjoyable plot" The Bookbag

"A remarkably stylish and assured debut"  John Paul Holden, The Big Issue

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